Teen Challenge of South Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  How long is this program?

A.  Teen Challenge is a 14 month residential program.


Q.  Is Teen Challenge Co-ed?

A.  The vast majority of programs are not co-ed.  The few exceptions are usually those who deal with families.


Q. Does Teen Challenge allow the use of tobacco?

A. No.  This includes all forms of tobacco.  Patches, gum nor other anti-smoking aides are not permitted.


Q. How does a person enroll?

A.  Call the office for a pre-screening conversation and set up an in-house interview.   


Q.   There is charge for the program?

A.  Yes.  There is a one time fee of $750.00 Money Order (non-refundable after admittance). The student is responsible for getting a

medical screening exam completed prior to entry at the student's cost. Each student is instructed to provide $350.00 for travel to

and from the program in Pennsylvania. Each student will be involved in work therapy sessions to learn valuable job related skills.


Q.  Can a person come to this program as an alternative to jail?

A.   If a person is on probation theywill not be allowed to leave the state thus limiting our ability to work withthem in most of these

cases.  Some judges are allowing students who have been charged but have not yet gone to court to enter Teen Challenge and

if they successfully complete the program, they return to the court to show proof of anew life and  face some supervision of the

courts for a limited period oftime.  These cases are done on a case by case basis. There is noguarantee that this arrangement

can be reached in all cases.


More questions and answers will be posted as we determine other areas of interest from our readers.