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Teen Challenge of South Carolina is glad to have you as our guest!  You have come to this site through an effort that deserves our best attention. Therefore, it is our desire to provide you with information and insight into one of the most successful Christian recovery ministries in America. Whether you are seeking information for yourself, for a loved one, or maybe you just happened to be surfing and found us, I am glad you are here and trust you find this information useful.  


The Teen Challenge Program developed out of a need to bring the gospel to the streets of New York City in the late 1950's by Reverend David Wilkerson.  His work on the streets brought him face to face with a devastating drug problem he felt had to be addressed.  His willingness to go where others would not and his determination to follow God's call, raised up a world-wide organization that serves in 117 countries with over 1,200 facilities.  The miracle of Teen Challenge is a story that offers real hope for the addicted. That hope is based in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, education and a good work ethic.  The success of this approach is being lived out in the lives of thousands of graduates around the world.  The story has been recorded in The Cross and The Switchblade and distributed around the world in book and video form for millions to enjoy.

Teen Challenge is proud to have served thousands of people over the past 56 years and we believe our best days are still ahead.  Here in South Carolina, we have a new facility where ADULT MEN come to escape the bondage of destructive lifestyles associated with drugs and alcohol.  I encourage you to browse this site and contact our office if you would like more information or to set up an appointment for an interview.

Using the information provided under “Contact Us” you will be able to reach at out office.  A STUDENT MANUAL can be viewed, downloaded and printed from this location.  The page also displays a PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM, which is necessary for all applicants to have completed by a physician prior to entry.  Both of these forms are in PDF format for easy downloading and printing.


Helping Hurting People”, 

Pastor Wayne Powell 

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