Teen Challenge of South Carolina


About Our Ministry! 


Teen Challenge of SouthCarolina is a fully functioning residential center in Northern GeorgetownCounty, offering help to males ages 18 and older.  This facility providesthe first four months of the 14-month long program. Our campus issituated on 45 acres of wooded property complete with log cabinstyle buildings and beautiful surroundings.  


We are strictly a BibleBased Recovery Ministry that stresses a personal relationship with JesusChrist, Bible reading and memorization of scripture, intense classroom work andpersonal responsibility in daily assignments around campus.  We are NOT aglorified drop-in retreat center, but rather a place where we expect God totransform our students by the renewing of the mind through Prayer and the Wordof God.  It is not easy, but it is worth the effort.  If one willsurrender his will to God and allow changes to take place from within,success is within reach.


The steps to enroll aresimple.  First, make the call for information or help and someonewill be glad to speak with you.  Second, make an appointment to come tothe office for an in-depth interview showing "who we are, whatwe do and how we do it".  This usually takes an hour.  If whatwe have to offer is what you are looking for, we will be glad toassist in the process.  The time required for entrance isnormally 4 - 10 days from the time the interview is completed, dependingupon any medical issues that need to be resolved and available bedspace. An information packet is available in PDF Format on the ContactPage on this site.  Many of the "detail questions" are availablein that packet.


A couple of items you mayneed to know up front is that we are not able to accept individuals who are onAnti-depressant medicines.  All pending legal issues must be properlydisposed of prior to entry and those on probation or parole are not eligible totravel across state lines.  If any of these items are an issue, pleasediscuss it with the intake person during the first contact.


We can be reached by phoneat (843) 520–4888 or by e-mail at teenchallengesc@hotmail.com. We are also on FACEBOOK as “Teen Challenge of South Carolina”.  


Helping Hurting People,

Reverend Wayne Powell









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